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Saturday, December 22, 2018

How To Make Money Online and Offline in 2019

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The year is gradually coming to an end. We have 10(ten) days to say goodbye to 2018. In this post, i'll be showing you how to make money in 2019, it could be offline or online. Which ever you choose to do. To be specific, most of my research in the previous months and years was
How To Make Money Online
  • I have a friend on facebook. He resides in Asian continent, he told me his mother has been searching the internet on "How to make money online" for about five good years. He was also doing the same thing until his life changed last year when he started Affiliate Marketing Business on his website.
You too can make a change in your life. Let's take a good look at FACEBOOK.COM which was built by Mark Zuckerberg way back in 2004. It was only a school project but facebook grew to what it is today.
  • As the year wraps up, I'll be writing a series of content that would put you through in 2019.
  • One of the simple ways in which you can make money legally in 2019 is by Blogging/Freelancing: Blogging is exactly what i'm doing. By blogging, you will find a profitable Niche/Topic that is best for you. You will have to produce contents on the niche/topic you have chosen. So as to get your readers involved in your blog and also want to come again.

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  • You can Start GRAPHIC DESIGN JOB: With graghic design, you can create awesome Logos and Banners, Handbills, Birthday and Wedding cards, Business cards and so on. There may be a company in your area or a small enterprise, you can contact them to see if you can do business with them. By helping them create Logos. You can also design banners and logos for websites and blog owners and get paid.
  • ONLINE REGISTRATION: If you are a student of a university or institution or you are still a college student and you have a Laptop and probably a good Android device, with these tools you can help your fellow students or course mates to register for examinations online. It can also be any form of Online Registration. With your Laptop, you can achieve all this and get paid for services rendered at the end of the day.
  • TUTORIALS: These type of tutorial is based on coding in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, C++, C, C# and what have you. If you have in-depth knowledge in one of these code you can teach others and get paid. You can even turn your passion into blogging as a programmer.
Now with all these i have mentioned, you can choose to do any one that is best and convinient for you. Start planning now and 2019 would be a greate year for you.
  • We Love Comments: Kindly drop a comment below if you want to contribute or if you have any question you want to ask
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