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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Game: Batman Gotham Most Wanted Features And Download

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Over the years, Batman's games has been trending. I could remember playing a lot on my java phone some few years back. Since the inception of batman games in 2009, a lot of improved features has been built in the present batman games.
  • Today i introduce to you this fascinating batman's game which was released in 2016. BATMAN:Gotham's Most Wanted". This game is one of the best batman games i have ever played.
  • After the making of "Public Enemies/Superman and Batman" animation, the game was launched. There you have to compete with "Darkside".You can either select superman or batman. Each of them have their uniqueness. Superman with Laser, ice and super punch. And Batman with Bat Bombs.
  • It has a good collection of Dc heroes. Such has Batman,Flash,Cyborg,Green Arrow,Cat Woman and so on
  • With these game, Cyborg hack into a computer, and to track down the secret hideout of villains.
  • You can track down the mastermind behind of any crime in Gotham city.
Enjoy guys
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