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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Data Bonus Cheat For All Networks. Get upto 4GB

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It is no longer news, MTN Airtel Glo and 9mobile gives their customers 10 times data bonus. While i was in school today, a friend of mine told me he had 4456mb, i thought it was a joke but he showed me his data balance and it was true.
  1. How Can I Get My Own Data Bonus? When i arrived home, i tried it on my Airtel sim card and it worked. My friend also tried it on his mom's 9mobile sim and it worked.
  • From what i saw, the amount of credit you load and your sim card will determine the amount of data you will get. i loaded N100 on my Airtel and i got N250mb. Mean while on my friend's new Airtel sim he got 4GB
  • Now to get your data bonus on any network, simply dial *220*Recharg Card PIN#.Example *220*1656 9684 9260 4564#. Immediately your line will be credit with your data.
  • Data Balance and Data Validity varies. Mine will be valid for 7 days. Some vilid for 30 days depending on your sim and network type..
Enjoy Guys!!
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