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Sunday, October 28, 2018

why i chose blogging as my online job for college students

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Blogging is one of the world most prefered online jobs. Today, there are many kinds of online jobs out there. Even online jobs for college students to make a living for themselves.

There are so many kinds of online jobs on the internet today. 

Such job includes
Taking Survey,Online Tutor,Question and Answer Sites,Freelancing,Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting,Email Marketing,Selling Your Personal Photos,Teaching Your Native Language and also Blogging.

Most of these online jobs are difficult to attain.This is because of the country or area on reside.Online job such as taking survey is difficult for some people to attain. During my reasearch on the internet, I always come across survey. Taking survey is one of the easiest way to make money online.
Atimes these survey may be scam. But there are also good ,trusted and guaranteed websites for taking survey which includes  and One can make decent amount of money from taking online survey.
After reading about survey, I decided to use but i never took a survey. When i tried  taking survey it would say "survet is not available"

Each day i spend hours on the internet sourcing for trusted online jobs for college students. One faithful day, i thought about blogging and all it takes.

Being a blogger is one of the easiest way to make money from home.Unlike any other online job. When you are blogging from home,you do not need to work 9-5. Blogging from home is easy and you can work at any time of the day with ease.

I chose bloggibg as my parttime job for college students because it is a greate way to make a decent income online for oneself. Unlike illegal online jobs like Yahoo,Scamming,hacking people social media accounts and selling them to make money.

However, blogging is a good source for sharing ones greate skill,thoughts or knowlege about a particular topic one is good at,and to expertise with the world.

Through blogging,you can share your uniqueness to the world by writting in a simpler but effective way.

By writting blog post, it helps you improve your writting skills as a student.
Being a blogger is easy, but making money from your blog will take a little time.

Blogging has a lots of benefits.You can place Ads on your blog,you can also become an also affiliate marketer by selling and promoting digital products on your blog such Ebook to increase your income..
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