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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Team fansnik Is Now On Whatsapp "Join us Now"

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Hello my lovely blog readers. Team fansnik is now on whatsapp.With our new whatsapp group you can now share your ideas,pictures and photos.Our whatsapp group is here to connect and chat with your fellow fanreader!

There is a limit to what is being posted on our whatsapp group. please kindly read with care and observe the forum rules

Fansnik Forum Rules

>Members are not permitted to insult each other in the group

>Posting of nude photos,videos or pornographic pictures or items are highly prohibited in the whatsapp group.

>Members are not allowed to change the whatsapp group name,it is only the fansnik admin who has the right to

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Kindly share our blog on your social media wall and other popular forums..

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