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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Airtel N25 for 500MB Night Plan Data

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Fansnik blog is back with an amazing airtel night plan code.I found out that a lot of people do not know about these code.

When i mentioned it to a friend of mine,he was like "seriously are you for real!!" and i told him yes.

Browsing at night is fun because you won't have to bother about data,sice its just N25 for N500MB .It sounds good right?

How To Activate Airtel Night Plan Data:

1 simply dial *312#

2 secondly,you select option 1 in the list which is Migrate.

3 After you have migrated,dial *312# again and select option 3(Trybe Night Browsing) and you will receive a message saying you have received N500MB.

Note: You can only use this data plan between 12am to 5am

Once you exaust the data that night,you cannot buy another one.You can only buy one per night.Which means till the next day.

Kindly share this post on your social media accounts and also with your friends to get them involved.

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